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Hi, I'm Mike Thiga, sometime back I made the decision to stop being skinny and decided that I was going to pack on some serious muscle mass, read about how I learned to Build muscle with bodyweight workouts.

People ask me all the time "Can you really build muscle without weights?". My answer is "Yes!". How to Build Big Muscles without Weights.

The Muscle Experiment Blog was established as a community for enthusiastic bodyweight fanatics (like you and me) to share our conquests and ambitions on the path to physical greatness. Here you will learn all you need to know to build muscle with purely the use of bodyweight exercises. I believe we all have something worthwhile we can share with each other that will be beneficial to achieving our desired goals. Be it to build muscle, gain strength...whatever your dream goal is. Weight lifting vs body weight exercises.

You want to build muscle, don't you? Then listen closely: I've just released a powerful report which finally settles the score with this whole bodyweight training issue. The SuperFreak report uncovers a number of areas including scientific FACTS which nobody ever talks about. Believe me, if you're into bodyweight exercises and training, then this has EVERYTHING to do with you. Free muscle building ebooks.

How a skinny 21 year old sailor packed on 45 lbs of muscle using bodyweight training 1965! Bodyweight training results.

I get several emails literally every single day of people asking me what I think of their bodyweight workout routines. And what really amazes me (or rather shocks me) is the amount of people who perform literally 400+ pushups per day, 500 squats and so forth. How to achieve overload using bodyweight exercises.

Let me ask you a question: if Ronnie Coleman was to enter an all-out brawn for brawn “deathmatch” with a mountain gorilla, who do you think would win? The secret to gorilla-like strength.

The more you work your lower body, the more overall mass you will gain as compared to people who just work their upper bodies. Why? Because first of all, the lower body constitutes more muscle mass than the upper body. So it’s only logical that you take advantage of this fact. The perfect mass building leg workout.

You want to get huge? Then stop treating your muscle building diet like any other ordinary diet. Start making the correct choices that will take you from where you currently are to where you want to be. Muscle building diet tips.

Get Superhero Muscles how to get a body like a superhero using bodyweight exercises.

Bodybuilding Calisthenics vs Weights learn why bodyweight training is better then weightlifting.

Workout Without Weights how to workout without weights or equipment.

Many fitness experts agree that one of the best ways to gain weight, is to train with bodyweight exericses. Training for muscle size.

Best Hardgainer Workout why bodyweight training is the best workout for hardgainers.

Build Muscle at Home try the build muscle at home without weights workout.

Outdoor Workout Plan great outdoor workouts without equipment.

Monkey Bars Workout monkey bars exercises to workout using monkey bars.

No Equipment Workout why not try a no equipment body building workout like the The 300 Workout.

Bodyweight Bodybuilding Exercises and Bodyweight Bodybuilding Routine.

Bodyweight Stretches do stretching exercises for muscle growth.

In my book "The Muscle Experiment" I cover all levels including Beginner Bodyweight Exercises, Intermediate Bodyweight Exercises and even Advanced Bodyweight Exercises.

I also cover Unique Bodyweight Exercises such as Bodyweight Inverted Rows Exercise, Face Muscle Exercises, Iron Cross Exercise, Superman Exercise, Wrestlers Bridge Exercise.

Isometrics for Muscle Mass learn how to use isometrics to build muscle.

The Chales Atlas Dynamic Tension course is described as one of the longest-lasting and most unforgettable ad campaigns of all-time. Many people still wonder what was the Charles Atlas workout and what were Charles Atlas exercises?

A similar method was called the Tensile Contraction master build complete muscle building course.

Another was Mike Marvel Dynaflex also known as the Mike Marvel Isometrics System.

Also there was Maxick Muscle Control and his Muscle Control Exercises.

Matt Furey Combat Conditioning my review of Matt Furey Workout and the Matt Furey Bodyweight Exercises.

My review of Brooks Kubik Bodyweight Training.

Bruce Lee had it all, he was super powerful, fast as lightening and he also had the kind of ripped muscular physique that anyone would love to have. How to get muscles like Bruce Lee using Bruce Lee Exercises and the Bruce Lee Workout.

Herschel Walker Workout and Herschel Walker Pushups.

Jack LaLanne Exercises including the Jack LaLanne Push Up Workout.

Bodyweight Suspension Training

Bodyweight Circuit Training

Bodyweight Workout Benefits

Benefits of Chin Ups, Clapping Pull ups, One Arm Chin Up Training and How to do Chin Ups for Biceps Mass

Benefits of Push Ups learn Types of Push Ups such as Chinese Pushups, Clapping Pushups, Planche Pushups, Perfect Pushup Form, How to Increase Push Ups Quickly and How to do Push Ups to Build Muscle with this sample Push Ups Chest Workout, How to do 100 Pushups in a Row and even One Arm Pushup Training.

Handstand Push Ups Benefits, How to Increase Handstand Pushups and how to do How to do One Arm Handstand Pushup.

Hanging Leg Raises Benefits

Parallel Bar Dips Benefits

Bodyweight Deep Knee Bends

One Legged Squat Benefits and One Legged Squat Progression.

Plank Exercise how to do a proper plank exercise.

Bodyweight Exercises for Fat Loss How to burn fat and build muscle without weights.

Can Sprinting Build Muscle Using sprinting for muscle building. Hill Sprints for Muscle Mass Try hill sprints for leg size and power.

Calisthenics are great for sports, here are some sports specific workouts Baseball Calisthenics, Basketball Calisthenics, Bodyweight Boxing Training, Football Bodyweight Workout, Gymnastics Bodyweight Exercises, Martial Arts Body Weight Workout, Parkour Bodyweight Exercises, Soccer Calisthenics, Wrestling Bodyweight Workout.

Look Like an Olympic Athlete how to get an Olympic athlete body.

Plyometrics Muscle Growth how to use body weight plyometrics for muscle growth.

Swimming Muscle Building how to use swimming for muscle mass.

Ab Wheel Review is the ab wheel good or bad?

Bodyweight training is so efficient and result producing that it is still the top form of exercise used to train the men and women in our armed forces, checkout some of these examples: Military Calisthenics Workout, Air Force Calisthenics Workout Army Body Weight Workouts, Navy Seals Bodyweight Workout and the Marine Corps Body Weight Workout.

Pilates for Muscle Building is pilates good for muscle building?

Hand Balancing Training learn about hand balancing for muscular development.

Bodyweight Training Testimonials The Muscle Experiment success stories.

Top 10 Body Weight Exercises a balanced routine will create a total body workout that both burns fat and builds muscle.

Milk and Muscle Building is milk good for building muscle?

Bodyweight Training Magazine sign up and get free body weight training workouts.

Popular Weight Loss TV Shows can give hope to those who think weight loss is hopeless and can provide some entertainment along the way.

How to Get Over a Fitness Plateau Have your results peaked? The importance of hormones and workout variety.

Bodyweight Calf Training Did you know there is an exercise for your calves you can perform almost anywhere?

Bodyweight Time Volume Training The objective is to manage your fatigue in order to maximize the training volume that you can do.

Bodyweight Muscle Shock Workout Shock your muscles into growth by simplifying.

Rocky Marciano Training Rocky developed his own bodyweight training program.

Bodyweight Bench Dips Learn about bench dips benefits and muscles worked.

Planche Push Up Benefits When done correctly will increase your core strength.

Winter Workout Wear Learn the rules of how to dress for winter workouts.

Human Flag Exercise Progression The human flag exercise takes super human strength.

Bo Staff Bodyweight Exercises Video These bodyweight only challenges require a mixture of strength, flexibility and coordination.

Bo Staff Push Ups and Sit Ups Video Push ups don't have to be boring, and with a little imagination and ingenuity an excellent and varied push up and sit up workout can be performed.

90 Degree Push Ups Video For anyone who believes bodyweight exercises don’t require strength... watch this video!

Elevated Push Ups Between Chairs Video Performing elevated push ups greatly increased the difficulty of the push up motion and required greater chest strength.

Pull Up Variations Video This video show some cool pull up variations, different and more challenging than the regular pull up and chin up.

Handstand Push Ups Video When you do freestanding, handstand push ups... you skyrocket the difficulty!

Muscle Ups Video, Combination Pull Up and Dip Muscle ups are an extremely difficult exercise combining a vertical pulling motion with a vertical pressing motion.

Core Strength Plank Series Video This plank series is an excellent example of how you can strengthen your core with bodyweight only exercises.

Bodyweight Strength Training Using the weight of your own body can improve strength... find out how to maximize the effectiveness of your bodyweight calisthenics strength training.

Bodyweight Training For Fitness To meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence... you should be fit for all occasions!

The 3 Best Bodyweight Endurance Workouts To improve endurance and prevent plateau, you will need an intense 7-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout, Circuit Resistance Training, and the ultimate, do-anywhere diehard metabolic circuit!

Push Away Pull Ups There are a variety of different pull up options and one of the most interesting is the push away pull up.

P90X Workout Power 90 Extreme, a.k.a. P90X, is a cycle of 90 days of training to get the body into ultra-sharp condition.

TRX Workouts What makes TRX training unique is that it involves suspension training.

Inverted Push Ups The inverted push up is performed with your feet up. How far up you get them is up to you.

Pistol Squat Workout Squatting is tough enough when you go with both legs, but pistol squatting, going down deep on just a single leg, is even more challenging.

Bodyweight Interval Training Workouts Combines a steady state or continuous form of training with specific speed intervals that is able to strengthen both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Foundation Bodyweight Exercises These bodyweight exercises are not just for the beginners, advanced bodybuilders often revert back to basic foundation bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight Complex Training Workout The following bodyweight complex routine is a tough workout no matter how fit you are.

How To Do the Cobra Exercise This movement is particularly good the spine and core area and helps keep you flexible in these key areas.

Loaded Push Ups You can make the push ups even more effective by tweaking them a bit.

Loaded Push Ups You can make the push ups even more effective by tweaking them a bit.

Do More Push Ups Here are some amazing tips to help you achieve your push-up goals.

Kip Up Exercise Learn the benefits and how to do a Kip Up.

Chasm Push Ups Allow you to target more muscle fibers because you're working at your max full range.

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