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Tensile Contraction

Tensile Contraction Bodyweight Exercises

We all know that the only way to build muscle is with progressive resistance but when working out or training with your own bodyweight one soon reaches a point where you need extra resistance to increase muscle. But this does not mean that you have to add weight it can still be done without weights.

There are quite a few proven examples of how training only with your bodyweight can greatly increase the amount of muscle that you have. Even when you get to the point where you can do many sets and reps with a movement like push-ups, it is still very possible to increase the tension. One just needs to be a bit creative which is what training with your own bodyweight is all about.

Tensile contraction is something that can be effectively done training any body part without adding any weight. The results are astounding and you will not only increase the muscle but will also increase the hardness and definition of your muscle from tensile contraction.

The technique is not complicated and can simply be explained by referring to the most common type of bodyweight exercise, which is the push-up. Simply go half way down when you are doing a push-up and stop. You then hold that tensile contraction for a long time like 30 seconds or more and then continue with your push-up.

The increase in blood rushing to serve the required energy recruits all the more muscle fibers and the result is that you get the "pump" going quickly. Obviously this technique can neatly be applied to all movements from dips, chins, squats, lunges, etc.

But you can even go a step farther and include it in all your callisthenic movements like crunches, leg raises etc. You will always generate powerful contractions to your target muscles, while simultaneously building up lactic acid.

The lactic acids build up as you know burns fat fast so that is why you will get an improved definition when doing tensile contractions. One can get very creative in doing these by doing variations as well as supersets or even giant sets.

For example one could do static contraction push-ups immediately after you have just completed a chest or a triceps workout. This will without a doubt be recruiting the last remaining muscle fibers to fire and the end result will be that you will be training beyond the point of failure.

This is just one example of what can be done with training your own bodyweight and still greatly increase the muscle that you are putting on.

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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