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Bodyweight Bodybuilding Exercises

Bodyweight only exercises for bodybuilding

If muscle building is your goal, the following are the best bodyweight only exercises for bodybuilding that you will need to master in order to maximize your muscle building. These exercises build a huge amount of muscle due to the fact that they provide the most neuromuscular stimulation. What this means is that in order to be able to perform them, the body needs to recruit an incredible amount of muscle fibers.

These core exercises that have proven themselves to work over the years are the necessary basics that will give anyone the foundation you need to build serious muscle. These basics are something that can easily be done at home in your garage or in a park or even in your spare room or your sitting room.

Selecting the sets and reps that you do is a lot less important than learning how to do the exercises correctly. Often people who do these exercises land up in the bad habit of just counting reps and getting the set done without concentrating and focusing on the specific muscle group that the exercise is working.

It is strongly advised that anyone who wants to put on some serious muscle that you make sure that you have these basics down and that you can do them well and know exactly how to isolate the specific muscles involved. Below is a list of these basics exercises that can and should be done with only your bodyweight to make sure that you know exactly how to do them. You will find that when doing these exercises on a regular basis that you will be able to build up lots of muscle only using your own bodyweight.



Wide grip pull-up

Close-grip chins



The glute ham raise is probably and exercise that you may be unfamiliar with and is an incredibly effective exercise for developing the hamstrings. As a matter of fact, this is the only exercise that can train the hamstrings at both the knee and the hip joints. When starting off as a beginner you will not even be able to go through the full range of motion. However, in order to get the best hamstring development, any effort invested in this exercise will pay huge dividends.

Calf Raises are the best exercise to increase the size of your calves. You can perform these in various ways: one leg at a time (which is super effective even when performed without weights on a stair), two legs, and toes in (to emphasize the outer head), neutral stance (to emphasize all heads equally) and toes out (to emphasize the inner head).

Bicycle crunches are the absolute best exercise for the abdominal muscles. Every single abdominal muscle is stimulated when you do bicycle crunches. Just like leg raises which are a great way to target the lower portion of the abdominals. Depending on how advanced you are you can either do them on the floor or hanging from a bar. This exercise is the absolute best isolation movement for the lower abs.

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Mike Thiga

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