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Pilates for Muscle Building

Is pilates good for muscle building?

Pilates (also known as Contrology) is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates, which focuses on developing the body's core muscles. Pilates teaches body awareness, helps develop good posture, increases strength and flexibility, and creates a toned body.

In the past five years, more than 10.5 million people chose to use Pilates, and this includes top athletes, supermodels and Hollywood celebrities. So if you're looking for a safe way to transform the way your body looks and feels, then read on and learn about Pilates.

Pilates is a popular exercise system that falls under the category of body weight training. It is a controlled form of calisthenics that calls on both large muscle groups and smaller, deeper connections to build a stronger body. It is important to note that the torso, abdominal area and back work are highlighted throughout the routine.

Traditional Pilates exercises are not static like yoga poses—instead, the body is called upon to balance, lift, turn, extend and twist through all planes of movement. Muscles are stimulated as they execute a flowing motion. Like any form of exercise, dance or athletics, participants can gain strength through regular practice and increasing progressions of the method.

Whether Pilates will make your muscles bigger or not depends on a number of factors that not only include your diet and the daily nutrition that you are getting but also your genetic makeup. Not all large muscles are strong muscles as can be seen with ballerinas and rock climbers.

But to answer the question about whether Pilates can build muscle the answer is definitely yes. The reason is simply because Pilates is a strenuous physical activity which helps increase muscle strength and size (to a certain degree).

It also helps build the body from the inside out, engaging subtle muscle connections not necessarily visible on the surface of the body. It can help weight lifters with form and injury prevention, and has been practiced by both athletes and the general population since its invention in the 1920s.

In a general summary of Pilates without going into the specific movements that are recommended, listed below is a few of the reasons why it gets such good results.

Mind Over Matter:

The Pilates method mainly revolves around this principle, which advises the trainee to pay close attention to each movement. Doing this allows maximum use of body and strength, while minimizing weaknesses.


Proper breathing is a vital component in each Pilates exercise, as it delivers fresh oxygen to the entire body. Breathing should be done in a concentrated and controlled manner.


Pilates refers to the body's core as a powerhouse, and this includes the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks. Each exercise begins from the powerhouse to coordinate all movements, and strengthen the body's core.


The ability to concentrate on the entire body's movements tends to be a difficult task for beginners, but with practice it can be achieved.


Once concentration is accomplished, absolute muscle control needs to be taught. All movements require focus on finger, head and toe positioning, the back's arching or flattening degree, the rotation of the wrists, and the inner/outer rotation of the legs.


Each Pilate's movement is detailed for a reason, and each exercise should be performed perfectly and precisely as indicated.


All the Pilates exercises are based on the body's natural movements. Its recommended trainees execute the movements in slow, smooth and controlled motions to get the full benefits of this method.

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