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One Arm Handstand Pushup

How to do one arm handstand pushup

It may sound crazy but doing a one arm handstand is not only possible but highly recommended if you want to get big and strong. You just have to be careful how you start the process and you need to have a plan that will enable you to measure your progression and success/failure.

The first objective is a simple handstand pushup which you should not only do against a wall so that you don’t have to worry about balance but should actually do in a corner. If you do it in a corner you will have even less chance of losing balance and you don’t have to concentrate on that.

When you are able to do a few reps of two handed handstand pushups in the corner, you should start the hold. This means simply to hold the handstand position for about 30 seconds and then lift one hand off the ground. All you want to do is hold that position with one arm/hand on the floor.

You will find that this takes a bit of practice even the hold. But it all starts with a hold that you should be able to do for about 30 seconds and then rest.

Another alternative is to start with 3 sets of 30 seconds. Example: kick up and hold for 17 seconds. Slowly come down, rest for 20 seconds and kick up again. Hold for 10 seconds. Come down and call it a day for the first set. You get 27 seconds, but if you want, kick up another time and get the missing 3 seconds. Rest one minute and do your second set.

Try to cut down your sets to get the 30 seconds. When you are able to hold for one minute it is time to make things more difficult. p>

Progressive resistance is the only way you are going to get this right so you need to do it in increments that make sense. The best way is to get to a point where you can do more than 45 seconds. Do 3 to 5 sets of holds and alternate with chins/ pull-ups. If you train the holds hard you won't be able to do other pressing movements.

Another way to progressively increase is to do time ladders: one-arm handstand 5 seconds, 5 seconds rest, 10 seconds hold, 10 seconds rest, 15 seconds hold, 15 seconds rest and so on.

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