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Herschel Walker Workout

Herschel Walker Bodyweight Workout

Herschel Walker was a fantastic running back that played for 12 years in the NFL and made the ProBowl twice. He has made the Herschel Walker workout regimen famous simply because it only uses bodyweight. It could be exaggerated to say that he still does 1500 sit-ups every day, who knows.

The point is that at 50 years old he still looks as good as he did at 30 and there is a good chance that he actually still does 2000 push-ups every day. The point is that you can achieve hypertrophy by doing repetitions with intensity.

The workout ranges from elevated push-ups, dips, chins and burpies to rope jumps and lunges. There is no doubt about it that it is a great way to get a good workout.

It should be kept in mind that this is also done with progression and that although only bodyweight is used it is done progressively which means that you are putting progressively more resistance on your muscles. If this kind of training is done correctly it certainly can produce results.

One might think that training like this will not be able to consistently put on muscle but one needs to go back to what Herschel was doing and that was MMA training as well. He was doing very specific and focused training with his MMA and got good results even though his objective was never muscle gain.

It is important to note that the upper body workout that is recommended in the Herschel Walker routine never recommended a maxed out or failure. This is something that is going to seem strange to those high intensity gurus who believe that the only way to put on muscle to go “beyond the barrier”.

The truth is that when you train without weights doing it the way that Herschel does is that you never get to the point of complete failure. You need to plan your sets and reps and an approach it as one would approach any workout and not just go all out to failure.

Calisthenics and bodyweight exercises like handstand pushups, lower body exercises are all something that will get you in shape there is no doubt about it. But the guys who are interested in putting on muscle will think that this is crazy.

It certainly is possible to use these types of methods to shock your body into breaking through a plateau that you might have reached. Even if taking a break from weight training means that you will be only working with your bodyweight it does not mean that you will be losing muscle.

Using the techniques described in the Herschel Walker bodyweight routines it is certainly very possible to be able to shock your body into growth without using any weight at all. Again it is all about the intensity which we all know very well is what gains muscle.

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