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Bodyweight Time Volume Training

Although time-volume training was originally developed to be able to increase muscle mass without being able to increase the weight like when training with bodyweight alone, it also can be very effectively used for gaining muscle quickly when using free weights or machines.

It may sound a bit strange when you first start out as the use of time-volume training is done by only doing three reps and then resting for ten seconds. The point is to NEVER get to the point of failure so that when you do eventually start failing after 3 reps that you rest 20 seconds and not 10 doing a chin-up or a pull-up.

Obviously working with your own bodyweight doing a push-up will be different from doing chin-ups as the amount of reps that you can do without reaching the point of failure is a lot less when doing chin-ups compared to a normal press-up. The movements are more effectively regulated when working with weights.

The objective is to manage your fatigue in order to maximize the training volume that you can do. Increasing the sets and reps will increase your strength and increase the amount of muscle that you can put on in each training session that you do on a regular basis.

So the difference between normal weight training and bodyweight training is that instead of changing the weight that you are lifting for three reps you will be changing the rest time that you take between sets. This gives your body more time to recover which will allow you to do the same amount of reps by just increasing the rest time between sets.

It may sound crazy that you would need to rest before you can push out only three simple reps pf a push-up but if you continue doing three reps with only a ten second rest between sets you will find that you will eventually reach the point of failure which is when you would increase the rest time.

If you are becoming frustrated about your bodyweight training routine then you really need to try time-volume training. Without having to get into high-rep endurance type training when doing the 3 rep sets you will be hitting the specific power muscle fibers that are responsible for building muscle mass.

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Mike Thiga

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