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Milk and Muscle Building

Is milk good for building muscle?

By Kinetica Sports Nutrition

Nutrition guru Michael Mooney, writing in the former magazine Hardgainer once made some interesting observations on insulin and your body.

He stated that "Any endocrinologist will confirm that insulin is more anabolic in the body than testosterone for everything, including muscle growth."

As a bodybuilder you are on a constant quest for the anabolic - the element that sparks muscle growth. Testosterone is often cited as the source for all kinds of muscle growth, but as Mooney points out, "insulin is more anabolic in the body" and importantly, for muscle growth. Mooney notes how insulin production directly affects the rate of muscle growth.

Mooney also defines the best source for this insulin coming from dietary intake: "in a more recent study, Doctors Albert Sanchez and Richard Hubbard of Loma Linda University reported that, largely because of their different amino acid balances, animal proteins generally favor more insulin release, and more growth, than vegetable proteins like soy do."

So if you want to spark insulin release for muscle growth, you want animal protein. And Mooney delves further into the best source when he states notes "Another interesting article shows that milk is even more effective than egg protein. As many old-timers would guess, milk may very well be better for growth than egg. Insulin can play a major part in the production of bigger muscles."

This all adds up to the result that milk is the best choice for promoting insulin release in the human body. Milk intake favors the most insulin release, which in turn super charges the growth response in the human body.

For those of you concerned with getting fat from consistent milk intake, there is good news on that front as well. Recently the journal Cell Metabolism featured an article in which researchers revealed that they had discovered a new vitamin-like molecule in milk. The newly discovered substance in milk has been named nicotinamide riboside, and this substance burns fat and prevents obesity. That factor is a huge benefit for those using milk to build up the muscles.

When looking to stimulate insulin release in the body for promoting more muscle growth, look no further than milk. Milk’s protein design makes it the most effective dietary tool to push insulin release in the body. And since insulin release is the most anabolic factor you can generate for building bigger muscles, it is fantastic for naturally giving your body that growth boost. Add to that the really nice discovery that milk has an ingredient that acts as a fat fighting agent, and you have a "perfect storm" for blowing up some muscle growth without the fat effect. In fact milk actually works against the possibility of becoming fat. If you are looking for grow from a dietary source, look no further than your refrigerator - provided you have stocked it with muscle growth stimulating milk.

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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