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Bodyweight Circuit Training

Bodyweight circuit training benefits

One thinks of training with weight and dumbbells when thinking of effective ways of building muscle but the truth is that you can build muscle without using weights at all. You can increase your muscle mass and increase flexibility and cardiovascular fitness at the same time by doing circuit training at home.

Bodyweight circuit training for mass

The following is an example of a circuit training program that can be done at home. All the exercises should be performed for 30 to 90 seconds with no rest between exercises and only using your bodyweight as resistance. It should be noted that Squat thrusts target all major muscle groups, especially your thighs, abdominal muscles and shoulders.

They are a very good basis which should be used in any bodyweight circuit training program Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Jump up into the air and come down into a deep squat with your hands on the floor beside your feet.

Thrust your legs back into the pushup position, and then hop your feet back to your hands and jump up with your arms extended. For less impact, remove the jump or bring your feet back, one foot at a time. But the squat thrust is just one of the circuit movements that should be done for gaining quick muscle.

Below is a list of quick 5 reps per movements that you can do to gain muscle fast. You should do only 5 reps per movement and do 4 Total Rounds For 100 Total Reps.

1) Burpee

2) L Seat Pull Up

3) Push Up

4) Lunge Jump (1 rep per leg = 1 total rep)

5) Pop Up Squat

* REST 30 secs in a plank between rounds

Try to be as fluid as possible with your transitions to each movement.

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Mike Thiga

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