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Handstand Push Ups Benefits

Benefits of handstand push ups

The benefits include increased strength and muscle mass in your upper body, also it is a great feat for showing off your strength and balance.

The idea of doing a handstand push-up is easy to understand and certainly a lot easier to understand than it is to do them correctly. But the nice part is that when you start doing handstand push-ups you do not have to do them perfectly when you are starting like any other movement that you might do.

For example when you first do a barbell press it is important that you start off correctly and that your movement is done without any cheating or bad habits. But this is not the case when starting handstand push-ups as you can simply start with your feet resting against the wall and then bend your elbows.

The amount of bend that you put into your elbows will use more shoulders and triceps but if you are going down to nearly your head touching the floor you are still not working full range. But one has to start somewhere so getting started with a handstand push-up that is only mid-range is fine.

Handstand push ups muscles targeted

Handstand push ups traget your, shoudlers and triceps, but also use your chest, lats, bicpes and abdominal muscles as stabilizers, so they actaully work the entire upper.

There are variations that you can do which will put different stress on different parts of your shoulders and triceps. For example not looking down at the ground will isolate your shoulders more effectively and this can only be done when your feet are resting against something and not a free standing handstand push-up.

One can start off by putting a few books on the ground so that when you bend your elbows your head will touch the books and this will limit the range of motion until you start to get stronger. One will be able to progress quickly by removing a book and going a little lower.

It is good to get into the habit of training on a weekly basis in reaching failure when doing a handstand push-up. Because of your bodyweight being so directly placed on the shoulders and triceps the results that you get will be fast as long as you do it on a regular basis.

The variations are endless and the sets and reps that you decide on will depend on the strength that you have achieved so far. It will also depend on the specific range of movement that you are training but the objective would be to achieve full range of movement on this exercise.

One would be able to increase the rate of progression in the handstand pushup by doing extra strength movements for your shoulders and triceps. Doing other bodyweight training exercises will be able to increase the rate at which you will be able to achieve a full range handstand pushup.

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