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Monkey Bars Workout

Monkey bars exercises to workout using monkey bars

If you want to get better at pull ups and develop a powerful upper back and strong arms then it is hard to beat a good old set of monkey bars. You will more than likely find a set of monkey bars at many outdoor jungle gyms found in millions of parks across the world. If you find yourself traveling to areas where there is no gym or you feel like something different then a good monkey bar workout is always a great option.

It should also be added that monkey bars are there for kids and they are put there for a very good reason. When a child plays on monkey bars they get enormous benefits that range from an increase in the awareness of body-space generally to an increase in the neuromuscular pathways that feed the muscles.

Pull up variations are not the only movements you can work with this great apparatus. Below are just few examples of the kind of workout that you can create on the average monkey bars found in the average park. If you want to get a high intense workout you should do supersets as suggested below.

Superset 1

3 x Sets of Regular Pull Ups working to 90% or max reps
3 x Jump Rope or Ghost Jump Rope (when you have no rope) for 60 seconds

Superset 2

3 x Hanging Jumps (one length of the bars with my left leg, one length with my right leg)
3 x Hanging Leg Raises working to 90% or max reps

Superset 3

3 x Monkey Bar Walks. Here the aim was to travel as many lengths (forwards and backwards) of the monkey bars as possible before losing your grip. Other alternatives are things like Hanging Jumps - Using a single leg, jump up and grab hold of a rung with both hands. Drop down under control, step forward and repeat on the next rung. Great for power development in the lower body but if you cannot reach the bar jumping off of 1 leg then use both legs to jump.

One can also do things like hanging Leg Raises - If these are too tricky then do single hanging leg raises instead of doubles. But the above examples are only a handful of the type of exercises that one can do on a monkey bar. There are countless variations that one can do and when thinking about the army obstacle course you can get very creative.

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