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Push Away Pull Ups

There are a variety of different pull up options and one of the most interesting is the push away pull up. This movement has some standard pull up elements but also some very different aspects.

Start off by chinning yourself with an over hand grip. However, unlike the standard chin up where you immediately lower your body, you instead hold yourself at the top for a second, then you push your body away from the bar (while still holding on to the bar, by the way) and you do so in a controlled manner. That is, you don’t just your body down but you slow its descent. This does more than just work the back. Interestingly, it also works unique muscle in the chest area.

When you push away from the bar (and this is why you need the palms away hand position) you also work the subscapularis muscle.

The subscapularis muscle lies in the chest area. This is up in the region of the rotator cuff and upper chest. The pecs tend to take over in chest work but if you use the push away pull up you get to target this unique muscle with a challenging movement that works both back and chest in one shot.

Start working your subscapularis in your next chinning routine and watch how both back and chest respond. Since this is such a tough multi-layered movement, allow yourself a lower rep range (3-6 reps) for 2-4 sets.

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