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One Arm Pushup Training

How to do One Arm Push Ups

There is a lot that can be said about arm pushup training as there are many different variations that one can do. The now famous one arm pushup started with people like Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone and even Jack Palance who did a one arm pushup in from of millions of people getting an Oscars award.

There are basically two types of one arm pushups that one can do or practice to do. The first and without a doubt the most famous is the "arm out" pushup that was done by Rocky and Bruce Lee on film. The first step is the position of your legs, which should be spread wider than your shoulders.

The arm out is vital as one tends to automatically put your hand directly underneath you in order to maintain your balance. But this is not going to be doing a one arm pushup as you will only be pushing your bodyweight up and not isolating the one side of your body correctly.

When in this position you will immediately feel the tension on your hand that is on the floor and your opposite leg which is what is keeping you balanced. You will feel that your torso start to twist and your hips sag but the objective is to keep your body tight and as straight as possible.

Your non-pressing arm should be tucked behind your back in order to keep balanced a bit easier. But there are many other options that one can choose on what to do with the other hand. For example one can elevate the hand or even tie your hand to a rope from the ceiling.

The second type of the basic one arm pushup technique is the "arm in" style or technique. When doing this type of pushup one will obviously be putting a lot more stress on the triceps of the arm underneath you. The big difference here is that the upper arm should be about 45 degrees to the body.

The first technique mentioned above the angle of your upper arm to the body should be about 90 degrees. The legs should be a little closer together than the wide stance you did in the first technique. You need to make sure that you keep the arm very tight in order to not lose balance.

By twisting the hand from the start, the arm and elbow will naturally want to pull in closer to the body than if you weren’t applying any force through the hand. Again, the hand is not moving, but this act of trying to twist it will create a chain-reaction that carries up and into the torso, and ultimately creates the proper tension.

The last part of the second basic arm pushup is something that you need to focus on and that is the tension in your back or lats. You should try to push your arm into your one lat. The progression that one goes through in order to finally do reps of one arm pushups is important.

When doing progressive calisthenics one should not do half a movement until you can do it properly but rather select an easier method to get the technique right. What this means is that you should start just simply leaning against a wall and doing a one arm pushup.

The next step after you are doing reps leaning against a wall is starting on your knees until you can do reps. One can then progress by resting your hand on a medicine ball or even a basketball, which is more difficult of course.

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