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Soccer Calisthenics

Soccer body weight exercises

Although in soccer the element of skill is probably the most important to be able to run faster and kick harder will give you the performance edge that often makes the difference between winning and losing. This article is going to briefly discuss the most reliable ways of achieving this.

Below is a list of what every soccer player wants to achieve. But running laps and improving your cardiovascular fitness is not going to increase your muscle strength and speed. You need to increase your explosive strength and your power endurance capability which means it will last longer.

Run faster to beat your opponent to the ball.
Out run your opponent to get open.
Out run your opponent to stop their scoring opportunity.
Cover more of the field to get to more balls.
Get to more balls quicker.
Keep your opponent from getting to the ball.
Get yourself more scoring opportunities.
Smash crushing kicks past the goalie.
Kick the ball downfield farther.
Pass the ball farther and with more power.
Feel stronger and not tire as quickly.
Have more confidence on the field.
Astonish your friends and other players.
Look more fit and energetic on the field.
Play with greater enjoyment.

Sports scientists that have been researching the most effective way to achieve these objectives have found is that muscle speed is best developed using a program of isometric exercises and body weight exercises. Although the proof is by no means conclusive it certainly will help a lot improving your performance on the soccer field.

Body weight exercises used properly with an isometric training strategy far out performs weights and other training programs when it comes to developing speed. The important point o note here is that using a combination of isometric exercises as well as the combination of body weight exercises really works well.

The objective is to increase the speed and general quickness on the field but this type of training will improve explosive strength when applied to any sport. The bottom line is that muscles cannot be trained for speed the same way they are trained for strength and endurance.

Some of the best soccer body weight exercises are: Heel Raises, Lunges and Squats. The biggest advantage of training with body weight exercises is that the resistance level is determined by the strength of the individual. What this means is that the exercises can be successfully used by practically anyone, of any age, (beginner, youth, high school, college or professional) and any fitness level and any skill level.

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