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Navy Seals Workout

US Navy Seals bodyweight workout program

The Navy Seal workout is something that has received an enormous amount of press over the years. Not only because of the blockbuster movies that showed their ability and training but also the results that have been shown and the result that is listed below is now a well-known bodyweight workout.

The bodyweight exercises listed below were originally made public by ex-Navy seal member who became a professional fitness coach and author Maximum Fitness Stew Smith. He stresses the vital importance of stretching and warm-up before and after the following workout.

What is listed below is a circuit that should be done without any rest between the various movements. It will depend on your current level of fitness but the routine is designed to be repeated once, twice or even three times if you are getting very fit.

Before listing the exercises it is important to make a few notes about the various exercises listed below. Simple things like when doing a jumping jack to make certain that your knees are slightly bent in order to prevent the shock on your tendons/ligaments.

The other exercise to note is the squat which is a half squat. You are lifting (not swinging) your arms straight forward as you go down but you are only going down as far as a sitting position and not lower. Do not lock your knees out when you get to the standing position after completion.

The Dive-bomber pushup is done with your hands close together on the floor and your backside in the air creating an inverted V position. You are then going down to the bottom of a press-up and rising up keeping your hips close to the floor and looking up and arching your back.

Bend and raise is important for the hamstrings when done correctly. Bend forward and reach toward your toes, extending as far as you can without bending at the knees. Next, moving only from the waist, lift your torso straight up until you are standing upright, but with your arms raised directly above your head.

Arm hauler (30 Seconds) Lie on your stomach with your head up and your arms outstretched in front of you. Raise your palms up and hold them an inch or two above the floor. Keeping your arms straight, rotate your shoulders so that your hands come around toward the sides of your body. Reverse direction, return to the starting position and repeat.

Atomic sit-up (20 Rep) Lie face-up on the floor. Raise your head and upper shoulders, and lift your legs a few inches up off the floor until your ankles are in line with your eyes. Your arms should be at your sides and elevated slightly off the floor. Simultaneously, bend your legs and sit up so that your knees and chest nearly meet in the middle. When you reach full contraction, pause briefly, return to the starting position without letting your muscles relax completely, and repeat.

Hip twist (10 reps each side) Lie face-up with your arms resting at your sides and your palms flat on the floor. Extend your legs directly toward the ceiling, keeping your feet together and your toes pointed. You do this by keeping your big toes side by side; tip your legs 12 to 18 inches to the right by twisting at the hip, so that your left butt cheek comes off the floor.

Fight the pull of gravity and maintain stability with your abs and oblique's. Pause for a moment, and then slowly return to the starting position, again using your core muscles to control the movement. Repeat on the left side.

Although the rest of the exercises listed below in the workout are self-explanatory, if you are unsure of any specific exercise you will easily find all the specific info on correct technique online.

Jumping jack (20 Reps)
Chest dips (20 Reps)
Squats (30 Rep)
Heel raises (30 reps)
Jumping jack (20 Reps)
Dive-bomber (10 Rep)
Bend and raise (25 Rep)
Jumping jack (20 Reps)
Triceps push-up (20 Rep)
Half-squat (20 Rep)
Jumping jack (20 Reps)
Arm hauler (30 Seconds)
Atomic sit-up (20 Rep)
Hip twist (10 reps each side)
Flutter kicks (25 Seconds)

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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