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Intermediate Bodyweight Exercises

Intermediate bodyweight workout routine

Moving from a beginner bodyweight exercise to an intermediate bodyweight exercise needs to be progressive. Just like any and all exercises the progression needs to be from one specific point to another so that the progress can be measured.

Listed below are the intermediate exercises using bodyweight only with a brief description of how to perform the exercise. It should be noted that the sets and reps should be lowered in the beginning and in order to get stronger the reps should be increased for each movement.

The first exercise is the pushup with alternate lifts using your one leg. Simply do a normal pushup but this time as you push yourself up you should raise your one leg level with your torso. You should do 15 reps on each leg in order to add more resistance to your upper body.

The second movement you are doing with your O-Rings again but this time you are not just hanging your legs down underneath when you pull up but lifting your legs up straight in front of you. Again you are bending your arms to a 90% angle.

The third movement is the chin-up or pull-up which you should do at a bit of an angle by aiming directly towards your one hand. Then move towards the other hand which you will find a bit difficult in the beginning but you will very quickly develop the strength in your back to this correctly.

The fourth movement is a handstand push-up which is done with your feet against a wall so that you do not have to be concerned about your balance. You then lower your head until it is half an inch above the floor while keeping the tension constant throughout the movement.

The fifth movement is the reverse of the step up movement as you are now stepping down and sideways at the same time. It is important to note that you need to take extra care not to allow your bent knee to go beyond the point of your toes.

The sixth movement is the Spiderman squat jump which is done by crouching down and holding your one hand out to the side to help you with balance. You then jump up explosively as high as you can. Come back down to the starting position and use the other hand on the floor.

The seventh movement is multi-directional lunges. Standing and looking forward you are stepping out in a different direction with each movement. So you will be stepping your leg out sideways when half way through and then backwards and so on.

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