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Clapping Pushups

Benefits of clapping pushups

The power of a strong punch comes from the momentum and the speed that you can generate when punching something or someone. If you punched someone in slow motion it would not hurt at all because a punch should hit with strength, speed and power.

It all has to do with explosive strength and boxers spend many hours training in order to be able to generate this explosive strength. The difference between a normal pushup and a clapping pushup is the explosive strength and the speed that is generated.

Speed is where the power comes from because the strength in your upper body combines with momentum for a more powerful hit. Doing clap push-ups mimics the movement of punching with both hands at once. Often boxers will use clapping push-ups to train on increasing their punch power.

One should not even attempt to do a clapping push-up unless you can easily do at least 30 good push-ups without stopping. Of course, the main benefit of doing clap push-ups is the increase in strength. You lift 60 percent of your body weight during a push-up, and the power comes from your back, shoulders and arms, while your stability comes from your core.

These same areas are responsible for the force of a strong punch. Though it is possible to take advantage of momentum to throw an effective punch with weaker muscles, increasing your strength will increase the amount of power you are able to put behind your fist.

If you are able to do reps of clapping push-ups you will have been able to increase the power in your punch. Assuming you keep your elbow in position and take advantage of explosive power, you will be able to throw a much more effective punch.

How to do clapping pushups

If you want to know how to do a clapping punch and how to learn to do a clapping punch you should start off in the prone plank position, face down, supporting yourself on your hands and toes. It is important when starting to angle your hands so they are facing about 45 degrees away from your body.

When you do this you will be adding emphasis on the triceps for a more complete strengthening move. Lower yourself until your nose is about an inch from the floor, keeping your back straight and your elbows close to your sides.

Push yourself up hard enough that the front half of your body leaves the floor long enough for you to clap your hands before you return them to their floor position. To make the move harder, push up hard enough that your feet leave the floor as well.

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