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Muscle Control Exercises

Exercises for Muscle Control

Muscle control is vitally important if you want to get the best results of your bodyweight training efforts. It all comes down to the ability to isolate a specific muscle group that you are training. The more effectively you can isolate or control a muscle group the stronger that muscle group will be.

Over the years sports science has no proved conclusively that that the neuromuscular pathways that are created by effective muscle control actually increases the ability of that muscle to flex and push. The result is that you get stronger and it is all because you have concentrated on what you are doing.

But muscle control can be done when you are not exercising at all as you just need to spend a few minutes or more trying to isolate the various muscles in your body but tensing and relaxing. It has shown to speed up recuperation dramatically as well.

As mentioned above the more a muscle is able to contract the stronger you will be and the more reps that you will be able to do in your exercises. However you will notice that when you contract maximally the surrounding muscles will contract as well.

These are the antagonistic muscle groups or supporting muscles groups and it will almost feel like you are stepping on the gas and pulling up the brake at the same time. But with the correct practice of muscle control you will be able to unlock those brakes and use the exact amount of contraction needed.

It is with practice that you will be able to effectively isolate muscle groups and body-parts, the more you practice the faster the results. When you are able to control your muscles effectively then you will be able to eventually keep other muscles or supporting muscles completely relaxed during training.

There was a world famous strongman called Maxick who was around before bodybuilding started and he was convinced that the only way to get strong was to use your mind and not just exercise without thinking.

He said "THE SERIOUS student of muscle-control will soon become aware of the fact that his willpower had become greater, and his mental faculties clearer and capable of increased concentration. Thus it will be observed that the controlling of the muscles reacts upon the mind and strengthens the mental powers in exactly the same proportion that the control of the muscles strengthens the body and limbs."

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Mike Thiga

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