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Wrestling Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight workout for wrestling

If you want to get strong because you are a wrestler then you will know that training with weights is not going to help you improve your wrestling strength and ability. The only way to train to increase your overall core strength is by training with your own bodyweight.

There are a few examples how you will improve your overall strength by doing bodyweight exercises but probably the best example is looking at the muscle and incredible strength of an animal like a guerrilla or an ape. They use the strength of their limbs to easily hold their bodyweight.

The basics are things like pull-ups which is an exercise that you can do anywhere without having a gym. You can do them on any over-hang that fits your grip, from a tree branch to a ladder held on an upright. But one can also purchase cheap training bars that fit into a doorway.

Don't cheat, this means to try not to rock, jerk, or use your legs to help you on the pull-up. Let your arms do the work. Lower slowly until your arms are completely straightened, but don't lock your elbows. Going slow and doing the full motion of the pull-up forces you to focus on your arm muscles in order to control your bodyweight.

Doing pull-ups will increase your overall strength in the long run. But there are a few variations if you are having difficulty in starting these exercises. This can easily be done by using a partner to help you get to the point here you are strong enough to work alone.

Cross your feet and bend your knees. Have your partner stand behind you, holding your feet and supporting your weight. As you pull up, your partner will give you that extra push you need; and as you lower yourself; your partner will help you control your bodyweight on the way down. As you progress and your partner gives you less and less assistance, you'll eventually be able to do these pull-ups on your own.

There are many other exercises that will help with wrestling from push-ups to dips will all help you improve your overall strength. But bodyweight exercises are beneficial ways to not only build strength and gain muscle, but to also lose weight, and improve your overall physical conditioning for wrestling.

Every wrestler should be doing these upper and lower body bodyweight exercises regularly at least two to three times a week in order to prepare themselves for success. These exercises are sure ways to turn you into a lean, mean, wrestling machine!

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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