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Mike Marvel Isometrics

Isometric Exercises Mike Marvel System

Mike Marvel was an innovative trainer that started the now famous DynaFlex system course which has been going for over thirty years and still continues to get results all over the world. It may sound completely unreal but using isometrics works.

Simply flexing and stretching the muscle combining bodyweight exercises with isometrics has proven to work in improving both strength and muscle mass. This article will briefly go through some of the many varied isometric exercises used in the Dynaflex method, but there are a lot more.

Before listing a few exercises it should probably be explained in a little bit more detail what "flexing isometrics" is and how it works. There is no movement in the exercise or very little and the exercise is only done for about 6 or even 10 seconds depending on the body-part you are working.

In a nut shell flexing isometrics is a form of isometrics that involve flexing muscle groups in certain positions. There are no objects, weights, or devices of any kind needed - just the know-how and the desire to do them! It may be important to note the following if you are skeptical.

There are many successful trainers that boast about the following. By simply incorporating flexing isometrics into their routines they DOUBLED their number of pull-ups or pushups, usually in a 2 week time period!

Here are a few examples:

1. Full Range Pectoral Contraction, this movement is done without any weight and standing up spreading your arms, flexing your pecs and bringing your hands together slowly tensing your pecs more as they contract. One needs to concentrate and focus.

Another example 2. Half Squat, which is done the same way as all isometric flexing which is by tensing the quads going down as well as coming up. Feet flat on the floor and squeezing everything that you can a little more with each inch that you move.

3. The High Reach, which is done standing up and slowly reaching up to stretch as if reaching for a chinning bar with one arm at a time. Again it is important to focus on your lats, rhomboids and shoulders that are kept tight with tension as you move.

In conclusion the main reason why this simple technique is so effective is more than likely because of the additional muscle fibers that are recruited. The result of this is the vitally important mind/muscle connection and as we all know how important the mind is in reaching any goal.

It is recommended that you do these "flexing isometrics" about three times a week to get results. Stick to it for about a month and then test your strength again and you will see the difference.

In my book "The Muscle Experiment" I talk about how I was able to put on a solid 39lbs of solid muscle in less than 6 months with bodyweight training, and exactly how YOU can do it as well. In case you haven't downloaded The Muscle Experiment, I suggest you download it immediately and start implementing the little known techniques. This alone should put you on the road to massive size and strength.

To your success,

Mike Thiga

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