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Bodyweight Workouts

Build Muscle with Bodyweight Workouts

Hi. I’m Mike Thiga, Sometime back I made the decision to stop being skinny and decided that I was going to pack on some serious muscle mass.

Problem is, I had two major obstacles which to me looked impossible to get over: For one, I was a scrawny 148 pound dude…literally just skin ‘n bones. Secondly, my right arm was ‘wasted’ due to atrophy, as well as the fact that I only have one finger on this hand. So you can imagine the feeling of hopelessness felt, because I desperately needed to build muscle but I thought that there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Then a series of events led me into experimenting with bodyweight training…and from there my life was changed forever. I tried all sorts of different techniques and methods until I finally figured out the EXACT set of rules required for you to build muscle without weights. And at the end of my first 23 weeks of training, I had gained a staggering 39 pounds of solid muscle.

I collected every single detail of what I had done during those 23 weeks. Then after carefully assessing and filtering out the useful data from the junk, I was able to create a no-fail training program for people who really want to realize their ultimate muscle building potential. You want to build muscle? Then I challenge you today to finally take the fullest advantage of the incredible mass building capabilities that my bodyweight training system can deliver.

If I could do this with what most people would have considered a ‘handicap’, there is absolutely NO REASON that you cannot do the same, if not better. You see, most people sit on the sidelines with sorry little excuses blaming life for giving them a ‘raw deal’. I took what life gave me and made great success with it. And who knows? Maybe if it weren’t for this experience I’d probably still be the same skinny bag of bones that nobody even knew existed.

At the time of this writing, The Muscle Experiment is helping innumerable amounts of people to build their dream physiques without ever having to step into a gym or even lift a set of weights. Yes, bodyweight training CAN be used to build large amounts of muscle, but you must know exactly HOW to do it. It’s more than just putting together a bunch of exercises and calling it a workout program

I PRACTICE EXACTLY WHAT I PREACH. Everything I talk about, I do. There are countless “experts” out there who talk about that which they know nothing about. Many people who talk about Bodyweight Training are merely just people passing on 2nd hand information. I live this life every single day. And my results are proof that what I’m saying is truth.

I packed on 39lbs in 6 months; Now, I'm not going to guarantee that you're going to put on 39lbs as well. Not everybody will - that's ridiculous. But what if you could make just ½ gains I made? How much better will you look when that happens? 19lbs is still a pretty good amount of muscle to gain in 6 months. And I’ll be there to guide you all the way.

Make sure you sign up for my FREE Muscle Building Newsletter and I'll also throw in some cool free reports that have helped people gain slabs of muscle already. I won’t give you any of that boring redundant info that you’ll find all over the internet. Just practical, straight-to-the-point information which you can start applying today and begin seeing muscle gains.

If you stick with me you WILL get bigger and stronger. You’ll finally develop a massive physique that other guys want but will never have. I’ll give you the very same tools that I used to change my life and make me a whole new person. That’s MY personal guarantee to you.

To your success,

Mike Thiga

In my book “The Muscle Experiment” I talk about how I was able to put on a solid 39lbs of solid muscle in less than 6 months with bodyweight training, and exactly how YOU can do it as well. Well in case you haven't downloaded The Muscle Experiment, I suggest you download it immediately and start implementing the little known techniques. This alone should put you on the road to massive size and strength.

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