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Bodyweight Bench Dips

Bench Dips Benefits and Muscles Worked

Bench-dips is a compound movement because it works more than one joint when the movement is done correctly. Although the bench-dip essentially is a triceps exercise working the triceps brachii muscles attached to the back of the upper arm it also works the anterior deltoid and the pectoralis major as the arms are straightened.

Bench-dips are performed on a normal bench found in any gym or it can easily be done at home using a chair or any bench. Sitting perpendicular to any flat bench with hands resting on the edge of the bench each side of your waist. The legs are extended in front with the feet resting on another bench or chair that is the same height as the bench you are sitting on.

You then slide your hips over the bench as you go down towards the floor holding your bodyweight with your hands on either side of your hips. Your feet remain resting on the other bench as you bend your elbows to 90 degrees and then return to the starting position.

When you lower yourself bending your elbows the triceps are eccentrically contracting or lengthening and as you rise back up to the starting position the triceps contract concentrically. It is the concentric movement when doing bench-dips that brings into action the deltoids and the pecs.

The bench dip is a movement that can easily be modified to either make it easier to lift or more difficult by simply adjusting the height of the feet. When the feet are on the floor this movement will be able to be done for more reps than when the movement is done with the feet at the same height as the hands.

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