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Types of Push Ups

Different types of push ups benefits and muscles they work

Although there are many different variations on a push-up they can all be broken down into 8 different basic types of pushups. This article is going to discuss the different types of push-ups and give you a little advice on how to do them correctly.

The first is the standard push-up which is when the width of your hands is the same as your shoulders and you are locking out briefly on full extension. Basically like all push-ups it is working pectoralis major, anterior deltoids, serratus anterior and triceps brachii. Your back, abdominal and gluteal muscles are also used to stabilize your torso and hips.

The second is the incline push-up which is simply putting your hands 6 or 8 inches off the ground on an object like a low table. The muscles targeted here are the inferior part of the pectoralis major as well as the other major muscles targeted when doing a normal push-up.

The third is the decline push-up which is done by elevating your feet about 6 or 18 inches off the ground. This will target more of the upper pecs as well as the shoulders and triceps. Choosing your sets and reps is obviously something that should be done before you start your workout.

The fourth is the wide stance push-ups which are going to target most of the outer chest muscles. One should select a stance with your hands to be wider than your shoulders and it goes without saying that the wider this stance is the more you will be targeting the outer pecs.

The fifth is narrow-stance push-ups or close-grip push-ups which are going to put the target on your inner chest as well as your triceps. There are quite a few variations of this very effective movement like putting your hands on a small medicine ball or using your fingers only and not your hands.

The sixth is Plyometric Pushups which needs to be done with a medicine ball and you start with your hands on the ball and then drop to the floor. Getting your chest to touch the ball as you bend your elbows, and then to push or bounce back up to grip the ball again.

The seventh is the Deficit Pushup which uses an added height to your hands like putting them on books and then lowering your chest to the ground. This obviously works your chest to a full range of motion and is quite an advanced technique that can be very effective.

Lastly is T-Pushup which will target the normal muscles in a push-up but will also target obliques and posterior deltoids. Begin a T-pushup in standard position and when you get to the top part of the pushup, lift your left arm straight up into the air by twisting your waist to form a "T." Stabilize your torso and hold the position for a count of two, then return to pushup position.

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