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Charles Atlas Workout

Who was Charles Atlas?

Many people wonder, who is Charles Atlas? Well, he was the creator of a muscle building technique that he called Dynamic Tension. He was born Angelo Siciliano from Italy but, he took the name Atlas after being told that he resembled a sculpture of Atlas on top of a resort in Coney Island. In 1922, his name was changed officially.

His Dynamic Tension workout routine is described as one of the longest-lasting and most unforgettable ad campaigns of all-time. According to Atlas this workout turns a "scrawny weakling" into a muscle man. The exercises can be performed at home and in spare times of the day. This creates the question of what was the Charles Atlas workout.

What was Charles Atlas workout?

After establishing the organization, Charles Atlas Ltd., in 1929, the Dynamic Tension workout was presented to the public. The exercises stress the muscles against bodyweight or muscle resistance. This technique saves you a trip to the gym.

When performed daily, you will definitely see and feel the benefits of the system. Some arm and torso muscle to muscle exercises in the Charles Atlas workout plan include: the finger lock chest pull, squat thrusts, lateral and front shoulder raise with resistance with the resistance on the hands, bicep curl with front and rear resistance, and the triceps pull down and across with resistance help to build the top of the body.

For the lower part of the body, the Charles Atlas workout exercises include: the prone leg raise, body flex with chair, cross leg squat, toe, stepped toe, and heal raise squats. Being able to lift one's own weight can be a challenge, so training to lift, push and pull your own weight will help to accomplish your goals of building muscle and losing fat.

I am not putting down the Charles Atlas workout program but the truth is it was published over 80 years ago and there have been many discoveries in exercise science in that time.

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