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Outdoor Workout Plan

Outdoor workouts without equipment

Here is a great little workout you can do outdoors at a playground or park that consists of nothing more than sprints and bodyweight exercises. You can do a set of the pushups and pullups and follow that with a set of sprints and repeat, or do all your bodyweight exercises at once either before or after the sprints. It doesn't really matter, just get the work in and you will be all good.

Pushups and Pullups supersetted x 10 sets of as many reps as possible.

For the pushups, elevate your feet on a bench and explode up so your hands leave the ground on each rep.

For the pullups, switch your grip or hand position on each set and try to explode up so your hands come up off the bar. At the top of the movement, pull your legs up to do a leg lift and incorporate the abs.

Sprints x 10 sets of between 40-100m

Sprint like the cops are chasing, then catch your breath and go again. Simple? Yes. Effective, hell yes! Sprints will lean you out and improve athleticism like nothing else.

No clock, no counting of reps and sets, no questioning of why you are doing this, just hard ass work...period.

Exercising outdoors is fun, invigorating, and will improve your mood. Also, the change in scenery can often be a strong motivator for a brutal workout.

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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