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Bodyweight Interval Training Workouts

Before the discovery of high intensity interval training (HIIT) in the 1990’s, there was Fartlek training, a Swedish word meaning "speed play". Fartlek training combines a steady state or continuous form of training with specific speed intervals that is able to strengthen both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

Interval training will push you to your limit if done correctly. It will push you to the extreme and you will feel the stress reducing endorphins elevating any bad mood when you do this type of bodyweight training. But Fartlek (HIIT) or interval training will do more than just lift your mood.

The benefits to your strength, your endurance and your cardiovascular efficiency are extreme and well documented in many studies that prove this conclusively. Your metabolic rate will increase, your general health will improve and you will no doubt lose any extra fat you might be carrying.

Fartlek or bodyweight interval training is easy and can be done on a stationary bike. Simply pedal at a steady pace until you are ready then increase the resistance (hill climbing) for 60 seconds or 5 minutes and then return back to the comfortable pace you had before.

But we are talking about interval training only using your body with no extra machinery or resistance needed. There are countless variations that can be used with Fartlek training so we have only listed one of the countless variations that can be added to popular bodyweight interval training workouts.

Warm Up

Each movement listed should be done for 30 seconds each:

Boxer Shuffle - Warrior with stretch (Left)
Deep Squat - Warrior with stretch (Right)
Rotational Knee-ups - Knee-up Mt. Climbers
Standing Toe Touch (Kick) - Up & Outs
Push Pull side lunge - Jumping jack


Each movement is done for 20 Seconds followed by 10 seconds rest doing 3 sets of each movement:

High Knees
Jackknife get-ups
Star jumps
Side plank kicks (Left)
Thigh slap jumps
Side plank kicks (Right)
###Water Break ###
Kick throughs
Jump squats
Mt. Climbers
Jumping lunges
Walk-down push-ups
Lizard hops
Hop squats

Cool Down

The cool down should be 30 seconds each for the movements listed:

Boxer Shuffle - Inside thigh (left)
Leg Swing L - Inside thigh (right)
Leg Swing R - Butterfly stretch
Toe Touch - Deep glute stretch
Quad Stretch (left) - Cobra stretch
Quad Stretch (right)

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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