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Advanced Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises for muscle building and strength training

The following advanced methods of bodyweight training is something that takes time to reach the point where you can simply select the sets and reps that you would like to do for that specific day. It takes time and practice to reach the point where you are able to complete all the bodyweight exercises listed below.

The first exercise is behind the back clap pushup. This is a plyometric movement that you push up with such an explosive force that your upper body comes off the ground long enough for you to clap your hands behind your back.

The second exercise is the front lever tuck row. This is done by tucking your legs underneath you when hanging from your O rings. When in this position you then pull your bent body upwards and then hang down without fully extending and then repeat.

The third exercise is the handstand pushup but this time you are not resting against a wall to help you with balance. It takes practice and your core strength to make sure that you are not losing your balance. Again you are bending your arms to get your head half an inch off the floor and repeat.

The fourth exercise L-sit chin-up which is exactly what it says it is as this time your legs are straight out in front of you while you pull upwards to get your chin above the bar. Again this is done with practice and takes time to get to a point of perfection as seen in gymnastics.

The fifth exercise is something that needs to be practiced as you are doing a normal step but with a radical difference. This time you are pushing yourself off the step up with such force that you are able to switch your legs in mid-air and land on the other leg.

The sixth exercise is called a pistol squat and is done with one leg straight out in front of you. You then lower yourself down on one leg to a full squat position. Again this takes a bit of practice but the results should enable you to do 8 reps on each leg in a very short time.

The seventh exercise is called the jump lunge. This is done by starting with your left foot forward and then jumping off the ground, swopping your legs and landing with your right foot forward in front of you. Make sure that you get your knee very low down to the ground but not touching.

The last and eighth exercise is the single-leg good morning. This time you are lifting your right leg off the ground and slightly behind you as you lean your torso forward. You should complete 8 reps then switch to the other leg to get the full hamstring workout on both legs.

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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