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Big Muscles without Weights

How to Build Big Muscles without Weights

People ask me all the time "Can you really build muscle without weights?".

My answer is "Yes!".

Some will then say "But not big muscles, right?".

I tell them, "Wrong, you can build BIG muscles without weights. And I'll tell you one more thing if you know how to do bodyweight exercises correctly they will build big muscles faster than working out with weights!".

In fact, after I learned the secrets of bodyweight training I went from from 148 pounds to 187 pounds of muscle is slightly less then 6 months. And I was born with a withered right arm and only 1 finger on my right hand. So if I can do it despite this disadvantage, I truly believe that anyone can.

I have taught these bodyweight techniques to hundreds of people now and not one of them has ever failed to make impressive gains in muscle mass and strength.

They built muscle and strength a lot faster than their friends that were lifting weights. Not only that but they got none of the aches, pains, strains, sprains and injuries that are inevitable with weight lifting.

Isn't it time you learned how to build big muscles without weights?

In my book “The Muscle Experiment” I talk about how I was able to put on a solid 39lbs of solid muscle in less than 6 months with bodyweight training, and exactly how YOU can do it as well. In case you haven't downloaded The Muscle Experiment, I suggest you download it immediately and start implementing the little known techniques. This alone should put you on the road to massive size and strength.

To your success,

Mike Thiga

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