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Bodyweight Deep Knee Bends

Deep Knee Bends Benefits

The squat or deep knee bend has been called the king of all exercises in the past because of the fact that it builds core strength. Whether you do deep knee bends with a weight or your own bodyweight you need to make sure that you are doing them correctly because when doing them correctly you are working many muscle groups.

Muscles Used Deep Knee Bends

Deep knee bends use and build the hamstrings, thighs and hips but also engage the whole body as well. They build size and strength in the posterior, tones the muscles of your entire body and concentrates on the muscles that support your back.

The standard deep knee bend uses your own bodyweight as the resistance. One should start with your feet flat and slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. One should shift your weight onto your heels and then use your hips as the hinge lowering them and simultaneously hinging at the knees.

As you lower you will see that the weight of your body shifts forward in order to maintain your balance. One should lower until you get to the point when your heels begin to lift off the floor. This takes a bit of practice as your tendons need to stretch as the more flexible your tendons are the deeper your will be able to go down.

One should get into the habit of control and focus when doing the standard deep knee bend and stay at the bottom for about one second before pushing up again to a standing position. But there are many different variations of a standard deep knee bend and one of them is the air-squat.

The air-squat is a standard deep knee bend where you use your arms and start with your arms in front of you as you lower down and bend your knees and push your backside out you raise your arms. This is a workout that needs to be done quite quickly and it will certainly get your heart pumping.

Just a note, when doing rapid repetitions with air-squats it is important that you do not end up doing in on your toes but to rather push from your heels. This means that as you get more flexible you will see that you can go down deeper and still press from your heels. But air-squats are the exception when it comes to high paced speed as most deep knee bends are done with a slow focused attention on what you are doing and the muscles you are working.

There are many different variations of deep knee bend that change the way your feet are set apart that stress the muscles you are working in a different way.

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