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Matt Furey Workout

Matt Furey Bodyweight Workout

Matt Furey is in a class of his own as he is not only a very well respected wrester whose seminars are jam packed with wrestlers from all over but he has a completely unique way of looking at exercise and strength. He strongly believes that training with weights is not going to get you strong.

He says that the body needs to be considered holistically and training only one body-part at a time is a waste of time when trying to increase your strength. He has developed a technique that combines some ancient martial art type movements with some modern ones.

Matt says that getting fit means gaining control of your body and broadening the range of what it can do. He says that piling on muscle with limited linear movements of traditional weight training is a waste of time compared to doing a couple of hundred push-ups.

He explains that keeping your muscles straining in a specific groove like doing a bench-press is too linear and you will not develop overall strength. He says that is why boxes do not train with weights and neither do wresters because it is not a broad over-all strength.

He believes in training using movements like push-ups with the elbows held close to the lats, elbows tucked in. But that is just one as he strongly believes the only way to get fit and strong is with free-hand squats, jackknife sit-ups, reverse dips, pull-ups and doing handstands.

He has some strong opinions on how to get strong and says that the amount of muscle that you have has nothing to do with your total strength or fitness. His suggestion that training with your own body-weight is the only way to achieve this is something new and refreshing.

But Matt says that it is not only about freehand squats that will make you explosive, he called the king of exercise the bridge. Basically what it means is bending backwards until your head touches the floor. Matt insists that flexibility is directly proportional to strength and he is certainly not the first man to say this.

Matt continues by saying the Hindu squats and Hindu pushups are without a doubt the best way to get strong but these are only a few of high basic recommendations. As mentioned above the back bridge is something that he highly recommends to be an integral part of every strong man’s routine.

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