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Kip Up Exercise

What is a Kip Up?

The Kip Up also known as chinese get up or kick up is a move used in movies, wresting, and break dancing. It is also used in martial arts to get back up with style when knocked down.

Kip Up Benefits

Kip up will increase flexibility, timing and explosive power.

How to Do a Kip Up

You should learn this exercise on a soft surface to avoid back injury.

1. Lie on your back with your knees slighty bent, then place your palms close your head (facing down and your elbows facing up). Make sure your fingers are almost touching your shoulders.

2. Roll your back up by moving your knees towards your chest, your feet should be facing up. Make sure the your upper back, neck, and the back of your head are touching the ground. Resting your full back on the ground won't give you enough explosive force to propel(you might end up falling on your back).

3. Kick up - kick your legs upward and push yourself with your hands( you should do this as fast as you can), then land in a squat position.

4. Keep practicing - once you get it ( it actually took me a week to learn this move), practice the no hand kip up.

Assistance Exercises

Exercises like back bridge will strengthen your core and increase your flexibilty.

The Back Bridge - lie on your back with your knees slightly bent. Place your hands beside your head, push yourself up by extending your elbow and raise your hips up, lower yourself down and repeat.

Knuckle Push Ups will help to strengthen your wrist and triceps.

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Mike Thiga

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