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Jack LaLanne Workout

Jack LaLanne Push Up Workout

Jack LaLanne lived to be 96 years young and was still going strong and still doing his own bodyweight exercises every day right up until he passed on. He actually said that he hates exercise and always has but he loves the results that you get from it. Jack was someone who did the first finger pushup on television in the early 1950's.

But Jack took the art of pushups to another level and the way that he did pushups is something that will take a well-conditioned person more than just a few weeks to master. It is a pushup that looks very impressive when it is done correctly.

Working the shoulders, latissimus dorsi and core muscles which gives the result of making you stronger. So in order to get down to do these now famous pushups you need to start on the ground lying flat with your arms stretched out in front of you.

Turn your hands facing down on the ground and simply try to push yourself off the floor with your legs straight and your arms extended in front of you. Once fully extended hold the position for a second then lower back down under control until your chin stops just short of the floor and then push back up.

This is something that you will more than likely not be able to do so one needs to start off slowly and teach your body how to get used to it. The best method of progression is to begin by doing these press ups with your hands much closer towards your body, just in front and either side of your head is about right.

From there do the press up as described and over a period of time simply move your hands further and further away from you until you can do the exercise with your arms fully extended. It takes practice but it works.

As mentioned above it certainly involves the core muscles in your body to complete an exercise like this correctly. The stronger your core muscles are the easier this exercise will be as it is primarily a test of core and shoulder strength. It therefore goes without saying that building up the core muscles with other exercises will help tremendously.

As with the one arm push up, if you imagine pushing your hands down into the floor and away from your body at the same time it will help to maintain the right muscular tension throughout the body.

Looking straight ahead at all times also helps to keep the body correctly aligned.

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Mike Thiga

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