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300 Workout

The 300 Bodyweight Workout

This is a great workout no matter how fit or how strong you might be simply because it has proven itself to work for all levels of fitness. The 300 workout has been featured on ESPN and a few other channels because of the great results it has given to famous actors in losing fat and putting on quality muscle fast.

It all sounds very simple until you try it but if you have any doubts about whether it works or not then you should give it a try and ask that question again. One can rest as long as you want between movements and recuperate completely which makes it a lot easier to start, but as you improve reduce the rest time between sets.

This is probably a big difference to the traditional method of gaining muscle which is so directly connected to intensity training. But one is burning a ton of calories in doing this type of workout and the resulting effect of speeding up your metabolism is also a great benefit.

If you are a serious weight trainer then you will know very well all about the power of intensity which this 300 workout seems to ignore as it gives you a break between sets. The point is that you are still reaching the point of failure and as you know that is how to grow muscle.

Below you will see the standard 300 workout which is something that can be adapted to suit your needs depending on fit or strong you are. For example when starting out there is also the 200 workout which will be spoken about later in the article.

The 300 workout
Pull-ups 25 reps
Bodyweight squats 50 reps
Pushups 50 reps
24-inch Box jumps 50 reps
Floor wipers 50 reps
Jumping jacks 50 reps
Pull-ups 25 reps

As mentioned above this 300 workout can be changed and adapted for women and men who are just starting out with it for the first time. The way that this is done is by simply testing how many reps you can do and then setting it out to suit your requirements.

The 200 workout
5 Chin-ups
20 prisoner squats
20 pushups
100 Jumping Jacks
30 Bicycle Crunches
10 decline pushups

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Mike Thiga

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