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Winter Workout Wear

How to dress for winter workouts


Just like when you buy summer workout clothes when you purchase new winter workout wear it is very sport specific. If you are a runner/jogger you obviously are going to need winter workout gear that will help your training. For example a jogger is probably going to need gloves depending on the temperature that you jog in during winter.

Generally there is the 25 degree rule which says that you should dress in workout wear that is for 25 degrees warmer than the temperature is before you train. If you train in an air-conditioned gym with fancy equipment then you need not be as concerned as the jogger or cyclist who wants to train outside.

For Bodybuilders and Powerlifters who train in a gym one could more than likely just use the same type of clothing that you wear in the summer. However it is very important to remember to warm up more than you would do on a hot summer day so this needs to be adjusted to your training routine in winter.

Since the start of the fitness boom in the 1980’s there is now a wide range of different winter workout wear. From lined training vests to fleece lined training tops or tank tops in a large selection of colors as well as many different motivational logos printed on these colorful workout options.

If winter is just starting for you in your area you should seriously consider investing in some new winter workout wear. Not only for general motivation but also to enable you to workout with little concern for the temperature outside. One should always be aware of walking outside into a freezing cold wind after a heavy training session, as it could be quite a shock to the body as it tries to adapt to the training you have just done in the gym.

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