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Unique Bodyweight Exercises

Try these unique bodyweight exercises

When thinking of the large selection of unique bodyweight exercises that one can use, it certainly can be confusing in choosing the best method. But like everything when you want to exercise you need to decide what your ultimate objective is.

There are certain bodyweight exercises that are not for beginners and one should know that when starting to select the best movements to do. If you would like to combine muscle building with fitness and fat-loss then selecting to train with your own bodyweight is a good idea because you will get results.

If you would like to get results and feel great with loads of energy it is highly recommended that you train first thing in the morning after a light protein snack , something small not a big breakfast which you can then have after your workout.

A good idea is a scoop of protein powder and a greens mix or drink. By doing these in the morning, you will give yourself a noticeable energy boost throughout the day. Your metabolism will be higher, which means you will burn more fat throughout the day than normal.

Below is a list of bodyweight exercises that are completely unique and will get you results. They are separated into beginners, intermediate and advanced. If there are any exercises that you do not know you can easily find a detailed explanation online.


a. Push Ups
b. Prisoner Squat
c. Pull Ups
d. Alternating Lunges


Same directions as before.

a. Elevated Push Ups (with feet on the wall)
b. Prisoner Squat Jumps
c. Pull Up with Ab Hold (hold your legs horizontal)
d. Alternating Lunge Jumps


Perform each exercise once for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and move to the next exercise.

a. Handstand/Wall Push Ups
b. One Legged Squat
c. One Arm Pull Up
d. Side Lunges
e. Diamond Pushups
f. Isometric Wall Squat
f. Hanging Knee Raise (ab exercise)
h. Superman (lay on your stomach and arch your back until your shoulders and feet are off the ground)

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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