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Chinese Pushups

How to do Chinese Push Ups

Chinese push-ups are a great upper body movement that one can do simply in a room on the floor and all you need is enough space. The exercise has to be done strictly in order to get the full benefit as it will be using your chest, triceps and shoulders.

But as you will see it not only will be using your abs, which should be kept as tight as possible throughout the movement but it will also be working your back muscles as well as your biceps and hamstrings when it is done correctly.

One should make sure that you always do a bit of stretching whenever you start to exercise as well as finishing any exercise but flexibility is important in this movement. One should just spend a few minutes before starting to do some dynamic stretches like side bends, forward bends and reverse lunges.

Putting your hands on the floor and lifting your backside into the air so that you are making a 90 degree angle with your body as your arms are straight and locked out to begin with. Feel the stretch on your hamstrings as you press your heels into the floor.

Your fingers should be facing forward and your palms flat on the ground. Before you start the movement by bending your arms at the elbows you should make sure that all your body parts are kept tight. One should not only be aware of your inner abs but also the breathing you are doing.

Looking at your feet from your upside down position lower your body until your head touches the floor. To finish the movement you should move your chest toward the floor. Act as if you were trying to duck under a barbed wire fence.

Then go back to the starting position keeping your abs tight and concentrating on getting full range of motion on all the body parts worked in this exercise. One should also be sure that you are breathing out on exertion and your breathing is regular.

This movement is something that is a combination of many variations of effective yoga movements that have been done for thousands of years in the east. This exercise is not only going to work your whole body effectively but will concentrate on your upper body strength.

One should aim for about 4 sets of 10 to 12 reps in order to get the full benefit. But this will depend on your plans for the rest of your workout however if you are training while traveling or just need to limber up and stretch your muscles, Chinese push-ups is a great way to start.

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