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Bodyweight Workout Benefits

The benefits of bodyweight workouts

The main objective of is to inform readers on all things related to fitness using nothing more than the one piece of workout equipment we always have with us...our bodies.

The number one ‘reason’ I hear people give for not taking better care of their physical body is that they have no time.  With the never ending crush of commitments we have to attend to it can be extremely challenging to get to the gym after a hard day on the job.  Many people sign up at their local gym, especially in January, with the best of intentions but sometimes life just simply gets in the way and our new workout regime falls to the wayside. Sure it may only be $50 or so per month but that’s SIX HUNDRED bucks a year and that payment is still coming out of the bank account whether you walk through the gym doors or not.  I don’t know about you but I don’t know many people who can afford to basically throw money away in these financially challenging times. 

For me that’s one of the key factors of body weight workouts, you don’t need the gym membership and you can workout whenever you have time where and where ever you want.  The transformation I see in people that have gotten stronger, leaner and more confident just by body weight training is always awe inspiring.  Seeing someone who previously could barely do 10 pushups from their knees now doing 40 and 50 with no problem is awesome or hearing students talk about the compliments they’ve received because their chest and arms are chiseled like never before through body weight workouts is well…pretty cool.

Another benefit of body weight workouts is that a wider combination of muscles get worked with any given exercise.  Therefore a more effective and efficient workout can be achieved in less time in comparison with traditional isolation type execises.  For example when doing a bicep curl just the bicep muscle is getting worked but doing chinups or pullups will not only work the bicep muscle but also the back, shoulders, and chest.

You see body weight training works!!

In my book “The Muscle Experiment” I talk about how I was able to put on a solid 39lbs of solid muscle in less than 6 months with bodyweight training, and exactly how YOU can do it as well. In case you haven't downloaded The Muscle Experiment, I suggest you download it immediately and start implementing the little known techniques. This alone should put you on the road to massive size and strength.

To your success,

Mike Thiga

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