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Matt Furey Exercises

Matt Furey Bodyweight Exercises

This article is not going to go into detail on the innovative exercise philosophy of Matt Furey and how he decided on these supreme exercises that have shown themselves to work. This article is simply going to give the examples and the explanation of the Matt Furey bodyweight exercises.

Something that Matt Furey has called the King of all exercises is not the squat or the deadlift as one might think but the back bridge. This is something that needs a bit of practice and dedication in order to perfect but the results in flexibility and strength are proven to work.

The back bridge is exactly what you did when you were a kid by starting lying down on your back, putting your hands on the floor next to your ears and lifting your hips and your shoulders off the floor. That is the classic back bridge which Matt is able to put his forehead on the floor.

Another of Matt Furey’s exercises is the Freehand Squats which Matt insists will make you more explosive. The movement is done with as little momentum as possible and simply squatting down but raising up on your toes and using your arms to swing for improved balance.

Another of Matt Furey’s favorite exercises is the Straight Hindu Squats which he insists need 100 reps and that is something that should be done in cycles or a circuit type of training with the other movements he recommends. .

The next Matt Furey exercise would be the Straight Hindu Pushups.

Matt recommends 50 of these without stopping and to make sure that they are done without any specific momentum. When starting these Hindu pushups for the first time you will feel a bit of tension in your heel as you try to keep it on the floor but this will stop as your flexibility improves.

In his explanation of the exercises that he recommends Matt explains the importance of breathing correctly when doing the movements. This cannot be over emphasized but that goes for all types of exercise.

Although Matt has a few more exercises that he recommends this article is going to conclude with his last recommendation with a bit of explanation which is listed below.

Fitness Exercise Three - Wall Walking

1. Stand with your back and heels flat against the wall.

2. Take two steps, heel to toe, until you are three feet from the wall.

3. From there, lean backward with your hands stretched above your head.

4. Slowly move your hands down the wall. Continue walking until your head lightly touches the floor while your chest is facing the ceiling in an arch.

5. Turn to your stomach and stand up again. Repeat until you have done 10 repetitions.

6. Breathe naturally while doing this exercise.

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