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Football Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight training for football

Football players require size, explosive speed, endurance and strength as well as power which are a combination of all of these attributes. Bodyweight training has long been associated with becoming a good football player and one can get dramatic results that will give you an inner core strength that will increase your overall power.

When training with bodyweight it all has to do with intensity if you want results. This means that you need to reach the point of fatigue when doing movements like Squat jumps which will increase the power that you can generate.

The same can be said for all bodyweight movements like pushups which is something that has many different variations that you can do. But when starting out you should start with a straight forward pushup and keep the tension constant on your chest, shoulders and triceps.

Make sure that you get your chest an inch away from the floor and if you want to increase your ability to do more reps then you should stop every six inches for about 6 seconds. Concentrate on generating as much tension in the targeted muscle groups and breathe regularly when doing them.

Pull-ups will develop your arms and back muscles. These muscles are important for grabbing and holding an opponent. To perform a pull-up, hang from a sturdy overhead bar with your hands shoulder-width apart using an overhand grip.

Bend your arms and pull your chin up and over the bar. Slowly lower yourself back down to full arm extension and repeat. Perform three sets of as many repetitions as possible.

A great combination of all these to get fit and strong quickly is Burpees which combine squats, squat jumps and pushups into a single exercise that will develop muscular endurance and anaerobic fitness as well as intramuscular coordination.

Stand with your hands by your sides and your feet together. Bend your knees and squat down. Place your hands flat on the floor just in front of your feet. Jump your legs back into the pushup position. Perform a single pushup. Jump your feet back up to your hands.

After completing the first part you should leap up into the air as high as you can. On landing, immediately perform another repetition. Perform three high-repetition sets interspersed with 60- to 90-second rests. Burpees will tax your cardio system and get you fit, strong and powerful.

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