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Top 10 Body Weight Exercises

Weight loss camp is a great way to lose weight and build muscle. Instead of the traditional bootcamp, there are now resorts for fitness programs where body weight exercises are a major part of the routine. Weight loss camp is a very accurate term since most people need to lose fat, thereby exposing their muscle. Building additional muscle is a great benefit of attending adult weight loss program, but losing fat is an effective way to showcase muscles. A fitness resort in America is focusing on body weight exercises, including the following ten: squats, push ups, sit ups or crunches, lunges, dips, pull ups and chin ups, wall sits, handstand push ups, calf raises, and leg lifts.

A balanced routine utilizing all or most of these exercises will create a total body workout that both burns fat and builds muscle. Most, if not all of these exercises engage the core, which is the building block to a muscular, fit body.

Squats, lunges, wall sits, and calf-raises cover the leg exercises, utilizing the quadriceps, glutes, and calves. This is a very balanced regimen that adequately hits all of the lower body muscle groups.

Push-ups, pull-ups or chin-ups, and handstand push-ups work the upper body. The main muscle groups on the front of the upper body are the chest muscles (pectorals) and the shoulders. Back muscles are also engaged through push-ups.

To work on the core and abdominal muscles, sit ups, crunches, and leg lifts are the major exercises. While lying on one's back, straight leg lifts are an effective but difficult way to work on lower abdominals.

Regardless of which of these exercises a fitness resort decides to suggest to its users, any combination of these will be effective. Body weight exercises are difficult and remain effective, even as exercisers become more experienced. Gravity can be the biggest tool in avoiding the excessive costs associated with buying equipment or training videos. Body weight and gravity are the only things needed for an effective workout, so return the expensive weights and DVDs and get started.

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