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Superman Exercise

Superman exercise benefits

The Superman exercise is beneficial because it directly strengthens the lower back muscles, which are a part of your core. There are quite a few different variations on doing this exercise and some of them are certainly not indicated for anyone who has potential lower back problems. But the point is that in order to get stronger and increase your core strength you need to do Superman exercises on a regular basis.

How to do superman exercise

To perform the standard Superman exercise on a mat. Lay flat on your stomach with your arms extended in front of you on the ground as your legs are lying flat. Lift both your arms and legs at the same time, as if you were flying, and contract the lower back.

Make sure that you are breathing and, depending on your fitness level, hold the movement for at least two to five seconds per repetition. Again, depending on your fitness level, perform between five and 10 repetitions and possibly two or three sets.

The variations could also be used in rehabilitation of a lower back injury. Like doing the lift of your right arm and your left leg simultaneously and keeping your left arm and your right leg on the floor. Doing repetitions of this movement will work the core lower back muscles a bit more gently.

It should be noted that overall, core development is an essential aspect of fitness, and the Superman exercise assists with this development. This exercise is designed specifically for the lower back and helps to strengthen those muscles.

But it is also going to develop the lower back's flexibility. The purpose of the Superman exercise is to strengthen the lower back region and indirectly the gluteus maximus muscles or more commonly referred to as the glutes.

Other areas that the exercise may strengthen indirectly are the hamstrings. The lower back muscles are stretched and strengthened by extending the muscles in a similar fashion as to the way Superman flies, with his arms extended and legs straight behind him.

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