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Martial Arts Body Weight Workout

Martial arts bodyweight conditioning workout

When training specifically for any martial art that you do it is important that you get strong. The best way to do this is with high reps AND low. The key is in consistent training. Constantly mix up your training when you work out. Do high-rep calisthenics. Then do some bodyweight calisthenics that are so hard you can barely do one-rep.

Movements like handstand pushups, one-arm pushups, one-legged squats, etc. Mixing it up adds a training effect and prevents adaptation to the program. But there are others as well for example isometric exercises which will be discussed later in this article.

In general, the callisthenic exercises should be done at a quick pace, back to back, with only a minimum (5-10 seconds) rest between sets or types of exercises. The cardio exercises should be done as shorter more intense exercises, rather than an hour or two of leisurely activity.

This produces more growth hormone and also will ensure enough stress to create a conditioning effect. One should progress from lower to upper body to abs/back to neck (and forearms if desired), in that order. Keep a sense of body awareness. Learn to make your body work as a unit, with all the muscles working together to develop maximum power, strength, agility, and speed.

When training for martial arts and using bodyweight only it is important to relax and don't use any antagonistic tension. This will enable more power and speed to be developed, as you won't be fighting yourself. (Except for isometric or static exercises, where the idea is to generate maximum tension.)

This article is not long enough to include a full explanation for each recommended exercise. But if you are unfamiliar with any of the exercises mentioned below then all you need is a little bit of research and you will get a full explanation online for any of them.

A few movements that you should do for a good leg workout are by starting with Hindu squats with at least 30 reps and then burpees with many other additions as you get stronger. Like one legged squats, wall sits, lunges, bootstrappers, one legged bootstrappers and single leg balance squats.

Here is the list of recommended exercises for a good Martial arts bodyweight conditioning workout. Please note that these are just a few sample exercises and not a complete workout as abs and legs are not included.

1. Jumping/Plyometric Exercises
2. Hindu Pushups ("dands")
3. Bridging Exercises
4. One-armed Hindu pushups
5. Regular pushups
6. Modified Push-ups on knees
7. Elbows-in Pushups
8. Knuckle Pushups
9. Wrist Pushups
10. Fingertip Pushups
11. Handstand Pushups
12. Wide Push-ups
13. Diamond Pushups
14. Extended Arm ("Flounder") Push Ups
15. Stage Push-ups - where you stop at various stages
16. Planch push-ups and many more upper body pushups there are countless variations.
17. Reverse pull-ups
18. Negative pull-ups
19. "drunk ups"

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