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One Arm Chin Up Training

How to do One Arm Chin Ups

One arm chin ups is an exercise that is not for sissies as this is without a doubt something that only very few people will be able to do correctly. Before you start you need to be able to do good two arm pull ups with an over hand grip as well as a supinated grip.

Do yourself a favor and don't try to do a one arm pull up when you are just starting as this will totally discourage you as it will seem impossible. But just like all exercise relies on the proven truth of progressive resistance you will soon be able to do one arm pull ups if you train for it.

To start you should use one grip with a normal over hand grip and the other with a supinated grip and do 5 reps. This will automatically put more stress on your over hand grip and thereby put more of your bodyweight on the one side of your body.

When you have been able to do a good three sets of this you should start with doing an assisted lift using one hand holding the bar. What you do here is hold your harm just below the wrist of the hand gripping the chinning bar and then pull yourself up using both arms to get your chin over the bar.

The next step is by doing negatives so that you release your hand holding onto your arm and slowly lower yourself still only holding the gripping bar with one hand as you started. Negatives are a great way to develop strength fast as you are 65% stronger on an eccentric movement.

So when doing the concentric movements, this is pulling yourself up and over the bar. You simply use your one arm/hand to help you by gripping your arm just below the wrist and then releasing it for the negative. Be careful not to do this every day and give your body at least a day to repair correctly.

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Mike Thiga

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