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Bruce Lee Workout

Bruce Lee Body Weight Workout

Bruce Lee's body weight workouts, although there are many different workouts that are now published under his abs workout or stretching workout, they are all based on the same principals. These principals were the age old principals that have proven themselves to work and that is simply progressive resistance.

Although Bruce primarily used his own body weight to add muscle to his frame he also used the principal of isometrics which will be discussed at the end of this article. Bruce himself said that the only way to get results was to do it on a daily basis.

Getting to the point of failure is something that Bruce believed and you can get to the point of failure with all forms of body weight exercises. When getting to that point of failure training the lower body it will certainly be getting your heart rate up at the same time.

There are basically two types of Bruce Lee workouts, bodyweight workouts and the isometric workout both are described briefly below.

Bruce Lee Body Weight Workout: Bruce did many different bodyweight exercises, such as the following:

For his lower body: deep knee bends, lunges and rise on toes.

For his upper body: push-ups, pull-ups and handstand push ups.

For his abs: waist twists, leg raises, twisting sit-ups and side bends.

Bruce Lee Isometric Workout: Bruce would use bodyweight exercises, and them hold his body in a static position for as long as he could. Here are some examples you can try:

Isometric squat: Squat down half way and hold position for as long as you can.

Isometric Press: Using a chinning bar that is just out of your reach so that you have to rise up on your toes to grab the bar. Then you push as hard as you can upwards against the bar without moving it for 12 seconds. It is important to be very aware of the tension that you are creating when doing these isometrics.

Isometric pull up: Lower yourself halfway down and hold on while hanging into the pull-up bar.

Static lunges: Get one leg forward in a lunge position and get your knee all the way down to the floor before straightening up. Moving deep lunges are a great way to develop the size and strength in your legs.

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