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Swimming Muscle Building

Swimming for muscle mass

The advantage of doing any movement when under water has proven itself to increase the amount of muscle you develop simply because of the increased resistance. The According to the Arthritis Foundation, you can receive the benefits of walking and increasing lower body muscle while reducing the impact on your back and joints.

But there are other benefits as the simple act of the repeated motion against the resistance of water will increase your heart-rate and therefore increase the amount of oxygen required and nutrients required to sustain the muscle. A muscle that is stressed to such an extent will result in hypertrophy or a growth in size.

You can easily select specific exercises that you can do under water that will increase the amount of muscle that you have if you do them on a regular basis. For example simple walking in the water on the ground at the bottom of the pool and lifting your legs as high as you can.

But that is just one of many different options as there are many others that you can use to increase the amount of resistance and therefore the amount of muscle that you will develop in time. Below are just a few examples of the different type of exercises that you can choose from.

Option 1

Raise your knees higher as you march to increase the intensity of the water-walking exercise and engage more abs muscles as you remain erect.

Option 2

Attach flotation devices to your arms and move to the deep end of the pool. Kick your legs to keep your head above the water and get an effective lower body workout to build muscles in your legs, hips, buttocks and abdomen.

Option 3

Remove the flotation devices and move your arms up and down to keep your body upright in the deep end of the pool. Refrain from engaging your legs. With your arms out to your sides, move them up and down quickly to get a thorough upper-body workout of your arms, upper back, shoulders and abdomen.

Option 4

Use a kickboard or hang on to the side of the pool and concentrate on your leg muscles. Kick from one side of the pool to the other and repeat five times. Continue kicking for five to 10 minutes while hanging on to the side of the pool.

Option 5

Wear plastic hand paddles to build the muscles in your arms and shoulders. According to U.S. Masters Swimming, hand paddles come in a range of sizes and are used to keep your upper body floating while you kick across the pool. The paddles place pressure on your arms and shoulders to maintain your angle above the water.

Option 6

Place a buoy of some type between your legs to allow your lower body to float. Swim laps with various strokes using only your arms to increase muscle mass in your upper body.

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