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Foundation Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are not just for the beginners, advanced bodybuilders often revert back to basic foundation bodyweight exercises.

Pushing bodyweight using a specific form when doing a movement relies on hand-eye co-ordination, timing, body-space awareness and concentration. The ability to push you bodyweight is based on the basic foundation movements listed below.

You will also see a list of movements for advanced athletes that often do a bodyweight cycle. When you can easily do 10 reps for each of the basic foundation exercises listed below you will be ready to try the advanced version, which takes a bit of practice.

When any good bodybuilder runs out of ideas on which 6 to 8 week training routine to do next, taking a break for 6 weeks doing bodyweight exercises is a good call. The workout below should take you about 30 minutes to finish if you take 90 seconds rest between sets.

This workout should be done three times a week when going on a bodyweight training routine because it is training your whole body.

Each of the movements listed below is done for only one set to start with until you warm up. You then move onto 2 sets for each movement and then 3 and so on. You will see that doing this workout taxes everything, all your body-parts get a good smash, your cardio fitness improves and you get stronger.


Chin/Pull Ups - Muscle Up
Bench Dips - Parallel Bar Dips
Push-ups - Dive-bomber, handstand push-up
Bodyweight Squat - Squat jump
Inverted Row - Inverted row hanging from two towels
Lunges - Pistol squat

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To your success,

Mike Thiga

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