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Hand Balancing Training

Hand balancing for muscular development

The classic art of hand balancing is something that has been done by all the great bodybuilders ranging from John Grimek and Steve Reeves to Franco Columbu who loved to do handstands when showing off in a gym after tearing telephone directories and bending steel bars.

There is no question about it that standing on your hands will build muscle as holding your bodyweight in a position that demands that you balance unless leaning against a wall, will stress your upper body. It will put strain on muscles from your shoulders and triceps to your lats and oblique’s.

There are great collections of ways to develop this ability of hand balancing that have been published over the years. Some of them go into very specific detail on how to do a handstand using only your fingers to what the best surface is when starting.

The great advantage of doing hand balancing is the improved body-space awareness that it will give you in the long term. But there is no doubt that it will also help you put on muscle in your upper body and your hands. There are many weight trainers that do handstands holding onto a grip of some sort.

This obviously puts more stress on the forearms and will enable you to gain a lot of hand strength very quickly when doing this on a regular basis. There are some old weights that you can buy from a second hand store that have grips on them that will allow you to grip and do a handstand.

If you would like to do a handstand quickly you should start with a few basics and there are five of them. The first is to do a handstand leaning against a wall so that you are not concerned about balance. But before you do that you should first do a headstand and then a forearm stand so that you get used to the idea of being upside down.

The last two exercises that you need to master are the elbow lever stand and the frog-stand. These will help with the basics of getting used to do a regular balanced handstand. Getting the kick-up correct is vitally important part of doing a handstand and simply takes practice.

There are actually many different ways that you can teach yourself how to do a handstand but basically it comes down to the age old saying that "practice makes perfect". The fact that you will be getting a stronger upper body at the same time is just a benefit.

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