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Chin Ups Benefits

Benefits of Chin Ups

Chin-ups or chins are a great workout for your back and biceps as this is a pulling movement and the stress is placed on the muscles involved with any and all pulling movements. There are many different muscles in your back but we will only be talking about the main four groups.

Chin Ups Muscles Worked

The thickest and strongest muscle in your upper body is your rhomboids are which a thick muscle going across your upper back. The rhomboids are stressed and reach maximum extension when the elbow goes past the midline of your body.

This means that in order to train your rhomboids when doing chin-ups you should make sure that your chest is pushed into the chinning bar and your elbows are coming past the midline of your body. The next is your latisimus dorsi muscles or lats.

These muscles in your back are what everyone is looking for because it gives the classic V shape that everyone is looking for. It is the increase in the size of your lats that will make your shoulders look wider than they actually are.

Trapezius is the upper part of the back but the traps are very long and actually insert at the base of your spine. It is a muscle that is actually very large and flat but when a weight trainer increases the size of his/her traps you can see immediately the strength that they have.

The erectus spinai are the main muscles that hold all of this together and the strength of your erectus is directly related to the strength of your back generally. This muscles runs alongside the spine and is the primary support and protection that your spine gets.

Lastly the biceps which obviously have two heads the one being the medial bicep and the other the lateral bicep. If you change you grip to an underhand grip on pull-up you will change the stress that you put on these two very important muscle groups.

Often when showing ones strength we see someone flex their biceps which is actually only 20% of the size of the arm but it has become internationally accepted as a demonstration of the amount of strength that you may or may not have.

There are actually a few other muscles that are directly connected to these two biceps muscles which are worked directly when doing chin-ups. But if you would like to increase your strength in these exercises then you should be prepared to do a little research and find out what is needed.

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