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Rocky Marciano Training

Rocky Marciano Calisthenics Exercises

The great Rocky Marciano was no ordinary boxer having won all 49 of the professional fights he competed in. He did this by not only competing with enormous courage and the will to win, but by training like a madman with extremely high intensity. With his short legs and short arms he needed more than just power to knock these heavyweights out.

It is said that he never did any weight training and was the first boxer to build a 300 pound boxing bag. But Rocky took his fitness and his ability to gather power in a punch by taking his boxing training to a new level that had never been seen before.

He would take this 300 pound punching bag and put it in a swimming pool where he would stand with the water up to his shoulders and box the bag underwater for hours at a time. But this type of intensity in his training only started when he found he could no longer lift his hands up to protect himself when he was fighting against Henry Lester in an amateur fight long before he became a professional boxer.

He vowed that he would never again run out of wind in the ring and would always be fitter than his opponent. From doing burpees and squat jumps in between slogging away at the punching bag he managed to become the fittest boxer the sport had ever seen.

Often throwing more than 100 punches in just one round he strongly believed that this quantity came from fitness and not from the power to make a good punch. With genetically wide hips he was able to swing on his opponent quickly and could withstand any punch his opponent could throw at him.

As he traveled around the world competing as a heavyweight professional boxer he would train in his hotel room as in those days there was no such thing as a local gym in every hotel. Even boxing gyms were hard to find in those days and Rocky developed his own bodyweight training program of calisthenics exercises.

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