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Push Ups Chest Workout

How to do pushup for chest mass

Pushups are still the best way to get a good chest workout. The first thing that you are more than likely very aware of is the difference in the width of your hands and how it will place a different accent on your chest and triceps as you change your stance or the width of your hands. The wider your hands are apart the more chest you will be isolating but you will also be using a lot of anterior deltoid or front shoulders.

Reaching the point of failure is simple, just do as many as you can until you fail it is as simple as that. We both know very well that intensity is everything when training for muscle mass gain and getting results. But the resistance of a push up can also be changed.

The resistance can be changed by simply putting more weight on your chest by lifting your feet off the ground or resting against a wall. But there are other alternatives like resting your feet up on a bench which will certainly put more accent on your upper pecs.

There are a number of different ways of doing sets to failure and they can be anything from picking a number like 100 and doing as many as you can before reaching failure. Then resting for less than 30 seconds and carry on until you reach 100.

But that is only one idea of how one can train when doing push-ups. It is important to note here that changing the width of your hands closer to your body will put more accent on the triceps and that will obviously increase your strength if you have already strong triceps.

When changing to the various widths of your hands you can go from a very wide grip which will be putting the stress on your pec-delt tie-ins. When you move to a width where your hands are as wide as your shoulders you will be doing a normal press that accents equally on the chest, shoulders and triceps.

The close grip push-up should be done at the end of your workout or the last few sets after you have completed the wide and normal pushups. The reason is that you will get a pre-exhaust on your triceps while doing these wide and normal push-ups and you will find that close-grip is now very difficult.

Failure is everything and that is what you are looking to achieve when doing a proper push up workout. There are many different variations on a push up and weight trainers over the years have discovered many different ways to achieve a focus on the chest and triceps.

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